My First Song Writing Success (Or, The Husband Sings a Happy Song)

When I was 3, my mom and I made up a song about giraffes.

The giraffe has a very long neck
a very, very, very long neck.
He eats the leaves from the tops of the trees,
he goes chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp.
Oh, the giraffe has a very long neck.

There is another verse about a pig and his curly tail. It hasn’t been picked up by any record labels or placed in the soundtrack of children’s television shows, yet.
Now considering all offers.

the giraffe has a very long neck

I have more hope for the song in this video, co-written with my husband, the musical genius. It’s my first legit songwriting credit! I woke from a dream with the voice of an old black lady singing this song in my head. It was easy to remember the four simple lines. I wrote them down and sheepishly showed them to the husband. Three years later, he surprised me by playing the song at a show at the WitZend in Venice! What do you think?

The Husband also goes by the name Carlos Calvo. He’s a singer/writer who happens to be incredibly talented in all things guitar. Carlos would never tell you this (but I am the wife and I am allowed to brag), he has toured as the opening act for Bob Dylan and Colin Hay, was the guitar player for King of the Hill, and was Adam Levine’s guitar teacher for years. When he’s not busy in the kitchen or performing live shows, he teaches private guitar lessons and coaches actors to play guitar for roles in films. If you dig the music, you can get more of the magic on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll be in the Northeast this summer for a little music tour through Maine, New York and New Jersey. So expect to see posts about lobster rolls, haddock sandwiches, chowdah’, meals from my friend Angus’ organic garden, and rock and roll.


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