39 Great Grocery Store Foods



The inner aisles of the grocery store should be avoided as much as possible, but what should you do when you need a food product that comes in a box, bag, or can?

If you’ve been following along, you know that my work has something to do with nutrition. From time to time, I go out into the real world to research nutritional values and ingredients in the processed foods people eat. My iPhoto stores hundreds of images like these, hastily snapped fronts and backs of packages.

I find a lot of scary stuff. For example, compare these bread crumb options. Above, we have Progresso’s Plain Bread Crumbs, the ones I grew up eating and until recently was still buying. Holy cow, there is a lot of toxic crap in there. Ian’s Whole Wheat Panko Breadcumbs? No crap. Less crap = better choice. See where we’re going here?

Recently, Rebecca Swanner and I teamed up to find the best foods in the grocery store. We searched high and low for products that have no nitrates, preservatives, fillers, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and chemicals that do God-knows-what. You can read our findings in this article, 39 Great Grocery Store Foods.




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