Give a Little Love to My Vision Board

Several hours flipping magazine pages, and many more arranging and pasting went into this year’s vision board. Attempting to give it cosmic good vibes, I started my project on the winter solstice. I felt like that was a good time to turn my attention to shaping my life into something more healthy and abundant. Last year, I displayed my vision board here. I liked that so many people came to Oranges and Avocados to see it, and I felt like they added to the intention.

This year, my vision board exploded in size! I felt my small, quiet life quickly expanding, and I needed more room to dream even bigger. I brought home the largest display board I could find, and stocked up on glue. When I ran out of room, I still had a stack of magazine clippings that demanded to be included. I turned the board over and filled the other side.

To me, it is gorgeous. A wall filled with wishes. But the real beauty in it is that I see that many of the things I wish for and want, are already a part of my life. It is too large to hang in my home, so I am hanging it here. Thanks for stopping to take a look. Your positive energy is appreciated.














2 Comments on “Give a Little Love to My Vision Board

  1. Your vision board is making me hungry and ready for summer and traveling! I love it! I hope it all comes true. Also, I was like “OMG, that is the most stunning photo of a cat!” XO

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