Food Truck: The Bun Truck

The pristine sunshine makes today’s 74° feel even warmer. Light rain earlier in the week washed the air, but now the dry Southern California breeze whispers of Santa Anas. I have all of the windows open in the house to let in the staccato conversations of birds (and the pained wheeze of my neighbor warming up his hoopdie 1970’s limousine). It is too beautiful to stay indoors, so I suggested a lunch date with the husband at the food trucks on Wilshire Blvd: three whole blocks of everything you never knew you wanted to eat for lunch.

We found rock star parking at a meter with an hour left on the timer. The Bun Truck was the first we came to and we traveled no farther. I would have been happy with anything on the menu. We decided on a combo of kalbi buns (filled with marinated sirloin), duck fat and rosemary fries, and spicy pork buns, which were our favorite. I enjoyed the sliver of tempura battered onion in the kalbi bun. I am not an avid eater of steamed buns, but these were good enough to entice me into a second visit. I am intrigued by the tempura vegetable sandwich with avocado.

We carried our food trays across the street to a low wall in the park at LACMA where children were laughing and running through the sprinklers. The food was tasty, the view was lovely, the weather was idyllic and the company was my favorite. I love living in this city, birthplace of food truck culture.

Tasty eats at The Bun Truck.

What a food truck menu looks like in L.A.

Kalbi buns and duck fat fries with rosemary.

Spicy pork buns. Thumbs up.

Our view.

Taking in the art in the park at LACMA.


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